• Restaurant
  • Saudi Arabia
  • 2020

Mathaqul Tayyibat

Mathaqul Tayyibat (Taste of Goodness) is a new fast-food restaurant in Riyadh. Our team's task was to build a strong identity that reflects brand values and build the target audience's trust by providing a positive brand experience.


The Challenge

With an industry that is fast-paced and competitive, it's essential to establish a strong brand that will stay relevant. The client wanted to do it right and as a result, approached us. We worked diligently on creating an effective and flexible identification that looks good on the client's applications and can help them to be easily recognised.


Logo Exploration

During the exploration stage, we came up with a lot of concepts. We presented these concepts to the client, and with their valuable feedback, we started refining the concept that we believed had the best potential.


Typography Research

After the logomark was chosen, we started working on the logotype. It's essential to maintain consistency between the logomark and the logotype elements. It took time to find the right font-weight and balanced spacing.


Colour Explorations

Colour has a considerable role in visual perception, emotion and human behaviour. Hence selecting the right colour is essential for brand recognition. The psychology of colour is generally used to trigger positive responses, evoke certain feelings and attract attention.


Logo Construction

A well-conceived logo is vital when building a brand. That's why we used the Golden Ratio to form the logomark. Many of the biggest brands in the world - such as Pepsi, Apple and Twitter - used the Golden Ratio to create their logos.


Finalising The Logo

Final polishing is one of the most crucial steps in the branding workflow. This is where we make sure the logo is well-designed and appeals visually. We then take a quick look at how the branding could be applied and examine how well it performs in different applications.