• Mobile App
  • Poland
  • 2019


Interven.io app aims to tackle the issue of wrongly parked cars by offering passers-by and pedestrians a simple, user-friendly, and effective way to tackle this issue and lessens the risk of getting parking tickets.


The Challenge

Traffic is highly condensed in a big city and would often result in cars being parked wholly or partly on the pavement ending in pedestrians getting furious. On the other hand, if the concerned pedestrians decide to report the issue via telephone, the authorities require to receive exhaustive and accurate information to issue parking tickets.

A winning solution would be creating an app that has a three-fold function. Users can take images of wrongly parked cars and share them with the authorities and the public. Drivers who have the app can be notified, enabling them to be more careful, and lessen their risk of getting tickets.


Visual Identity

The holistic approach we took involved one underlying aspect of this issue - the location of where the cars are parked. It could be the area, the angle, or the position of the vehicles. This gave us a smart idea: letter V + location icon. The result is simple as per the requests of the client, and it has a unique and distinctive appeal to it that is easily recognisable.


Design Thinking

We applied a solution-based methodology, Design-Thinking Framework. The focus is on finding as many solutions as possible that address a real user problem and are functional and affordable. There are five phases in the design thinking framework: empathise, define, ideate, prototype, and test.


User Interface

After understanding how users will engage with the design, we developed the user interface while keeping user-centric experiences in mind. The culmination of everything that we do involves serious thought-processes that are poured out into all the essential components of UI and UX collectively.